Michael Bleaney
Taught at Nottingham from 1978-2010. His research interests lie mainly in macroeconomics, but cover a broad range within that, both theoretical and applied, and often with an international and/or development flavour. He has published several books and over 120 papers in refereed journals. He is an editor of the Journal of African Economies and has been a Visiting Scholar in the Research Department of the IMF on several occasions.
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Professor of Economics, School of Economics, University of Nottingham,
Nottingham NG7 2RD, England
B.A. Hons (Economics), University of Cambridge, 1971
Ph.D. (Economics), University of Cambridge, 1974
Visiting Scholar, Research Department, International Monetary Fund: November 1996, April 1997, October 1998, October 1999, March 2000, September 2001,February 2013.
Journal Editorships etc.:
Editor,Journal of African Economies, 2005-
Associate Editor,Economics Bulletin, 2005-10
Book review editor ofThe World Economy, 1993-2007
Editorial Board Member,Journal of Economic Studies2006-
Member,ESRC Virtual College, 2005-10


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